In another win for energy-efficient lighting, GE has just unveiled an experimental LED bulb that is part light fixture and part jet plane. Developed in collaboration with professors at the University of Maryland, the new LED bulb emits 1,500 lumens of light — equal to a 100-watt halogen spotlight — but uses only a third of the energy!

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The new bulb uses a jet engine-inspired cooling technology called “dual cool” jets. Dual cool jets are tiny bellows that create high velocity air streams that draw heat away from the thermal sinks that surround the LEDs and other components. With a cooling system in place, the each LED lumen can managed a higher current without risking flare-up or immediate burnout.

Due to this increased current per lumen, less lumens are needed to brighten the bulb, decreasing the bulb’s overall power consumption. Additionally, as he bulbs themselves do not give off a degree of heat, the technology resolves any thermal challenges or hazards characteristic of bulbs of this brightness.

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