We rise each day, get dressed and head out the door, often without considering the environmental impact of those actions. Textiles, and fast fashion in particular, is one of the most damaging industries on the planet. Between excessive water consumption, toxic chemicals, water pollution and material use, a lot goes into an article of clothing. 

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With that in mind, Wildfang is laser focused on minimizing that impact while producing responsibly-made, long-lasting and stylish clothing. The gender-neutral apparel company aims to serve all body shapes and genders, and do so with consideration for the planet. 

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With a rudimentary start from a studio apartment in Portland, Oregon, Wildfang now has showrooms in both Portland and Los Angeles. Along the way, Wildfang has maintained a mission to respect the needs of the customer and those of the environment. Now, the company has proudly achieved Climate Neutral Certification. It’s an accolade earned through careful attention to the process at every stage.

It goes further than simply making promises for the future, although having a plan is part of the evaluation. Climate Neutral Certification is a process. It’s a review by an independent non-profit organization that scrutinizes the materials selection and processes used in the making of products.

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As a result, there is a rigorous process of measuring current emissions, offsetting them and making an actionable plan to further reduce them in the coming year. Currently, Wildfang is able to offset all their carbon emissions, but hope to do even more in the future. The 18-month plan is robust, attacking from all fronts with a plan to reduce energy consumption. Wildfang’s factories already meet standards for energy-efficiency and water conservation. In addition, manufacturing incorporates intentional wastewater management. 

Most products are made from cotton, without synthetic materials, and the company keeps a focus on clean packaging with goals to eliminate all excess packaging and ensure biodegradable alternatives. In addition, clothing is produced with an emphasis on minimizing waste.  

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Wildfang wants to raise the voices on many issues, especially those around inclusion. Inasmuch, the company regularly donates to related causes. It says, “Since launching, WILDFANG has given back over $650k to good causes like ProjectQ, ACLU, Planned Parenthood, Tegan & Sara Foundation, RAICES, Girls Inc. and many more. Now, the team is taking it one step further by taking the 1% PLEDGE. This commitment promises at least 1% of annual revenue to support philanthropic organizations in our communities. Now you never have to sacrifice good clothing to take care of the planet!”

Climate neutral, gender neutral. Why put a label on what’s right for the people and the planet?

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Personal review of Wildfang clothing

Wildfang offered to send some products for review, so I submitted requested information and received the package a few days later. Shipping was fast. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a look at the shipping materials so I can’t speak to the sustainability of the packaging. I can, however, report on the clothing. 

Each piece is high quality, soft and comfortable. I can honestly say they fit better than nearly every other item in my closet, from a range of prices and quality levels. 

In short, I’m impressed. 

The essential flannel long-sleeve button-up in the color stripe flannel is a lovely addition to my wardrobe. It’s nice enough to dress up with a sweater, blazer or vest, yet casual enough to throw on with jeans. The sleeve length is perfect and I am thrilled to report the fit isn’t boxy yet manages to sit properly across both the chest and the waist. It’s amazing how many tops fail on this front, grabbing uncomfortably in one place or another. The fit brings me great joy. 

Meanwhile, the essential Sherpa lined shacket in color olive buffalo plaid is soft, warm and roomy. It has a comfortably oversized fit, which allows it to easily be worn over other layers without looking too big. My husband quickly tried to adopt this jacket (it does look great on him)! I see a constant battle as to which closet the shacket will hang. The buttons and stitching are tight, functional and secure. 

Lastly, the essential overall in black is a throwback to my upbringing and I couldn’t be more excited about it. These are the perfect fit from top to bottom. The length allows for boots, tennis shoes or flats. The straps are adjustable. Again, the buttons and stitching speak to quality. Three buttons on each side of the waist make them easy to get on and off while providing a contoured fit and room to breathe. 

+ Wildfang 

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Editor’s Note: This product review is not sponsored by Wildfang. All opinions on the products and company are the author’s own.