This AirBnB hotel is Germany encourage guests to imbibe choice libations from their regional brewery – and you can even spend the night in a beer barrel bed! The hotel room for the ultimate beer baron invites guests to snooze in a giant 19th Century beer barrel that has been converted into cozy sleeping quarters. The vintage wood barrel comfortable sleeps two beer lovers.

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Potts Naturpark Brauerei in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany has been supplying Germans (and the world) with malty beer since the early 1800s. The proprietors of this Ostbevern bed and breakfast saw other possibilities for the oversized barrels used to age and transport beer – so they transformed one into a cozy nook for sleeping!

This particularly historic beer barrel was in use for over 100 years – from the 19th Century until 1995. A half-circle of the end cap has been removed, and a platform was installed inside to support a double mattress. Visitors climb inside the recycled beer barrel bed up a few rungs of a ladder – like a bunk bed. Inside, the arched ceiling is confining to say the least, but there’s enough room for two!

Before climbing into the barrel, guests can also take a jaunt down to the property pond for another barrel experience – another 19th Century barrel has been converted into a barrel sauna that offers guests a little relaxation before bed. Back in one of the three beer barrel rooms, cold glasses of beer await. Beer enthusiasts can have the ultimate beer-cation, spending the day exploring Germany’s breweries and nights tucked inside a cozy beer barrel.

+ Beer Barrel Airbnb Via Thrillist