The giant rubber duck that recently sailed into Hong Kong has deflated into an oversize floating blob overnight, CNN reports. At first Harbor City officials didn’t respond to queries about the demise of Florentjin Hofman’s quirky art bird, but a tweet later in the day alluded to its need for a little tune up. Hong Kong was expecting the 54-foot-tall rubber duck to bob on the waters of Victoria harbor until June 9th, 2013.

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The giant rubber duck has met misfortune before on its world tour. In addition to bad weather in Belgium in 2009, which pelted the floating sculpture, a vandal stabbed it 42 times, forcing local police officers to stage a stake out to avert any would be repeats of this vicious behavior.

“We don’t know why the person did it,” Hofman told CNN. “But in the Middle Ages there was a moment when they ruined all the sculptures in Europe. We call it a “sculpture storm.” The museum that bought the work spoke about ‘Sculpture Stormers’ that would hit the work – and kill it.”

While Harbor City officials eventually claimed that the mysterious deflation was planned, local residents are calling it “foul play” since it took them so long to respond to public outcry. She should be shaking off her feathers soon to continue her greater purpose: making people smile.


Images via Facebook