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The peace sign stands 58 feet high and isn’t just a pretty face. It’s actually a sustainable resource that will be able to feed power (collected from its 80 solar panels) into the city’s electrical grid. According to the artist, the load-bearing construction of the sculpture consists of a circle made of steel with one vertical middle beam and two diagonals beams running at approximately 45 degrees to the main diameter.

“At a time when we have never been more dependent on oil for our daily transport, this donation of energy delivers a message of environmental responsibility and social pride,” Fred George explains. “Symbolically, this piece of art represents a call to the world that the time of sole reliance on fossil fuel is running out. The human casualties, stemming from the oil wars, will only increase if we do not embrace alternative energy. Employing solar power is an obvious solution. For New York City and Germany it will become a great symbol of energy conservation and a call for peace worldwide.”

“Both art and peace have an incredible ability to transcend language. What a great opportunity to have a global conversation about preserving the environment and promoting alternative energy. We want people left with the vision of peace: peace with nature, peace within, peace worldwide,” says George of his peace sign art.

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