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Casa La Semilla, t3arc, mexico, the seed, glass house, daylighting, natural ventilation

The two bedroom home seems far larger than it really is due to the use of all glass walls and influx of daylighting. Located in the often hot climate of Jiutepec Morelos, Mexico, little is ever needed in the way of heating, but cooling is a necessity. A large flat concrete roof creates large overhangs to shade the interior of the home, and the sliding glass walls open to create cross breezes making it feel more like you are outdoors than indoors. The forest also helps shade the home for direct sunlight and overheating.

Inside, partitions separate the living and kitchen are from the bedrooms and bathroom rather than traditional walls. And the glass exterior gives the impression that each room extends into the forest. A large wooden deck cantilevers over a pond, which stores water for irrigation, and the simple, open form is more like a pavilion than a traditional home. Casa La Semilla is a experiment of living in a modern space surrounded completely by nature.

Via Designboom

Images ©Luis Gordoa