The Story of Stuff Project is launching a global call to action in combating plastic pollution. The ambitious initiative plans to identify the most pervasive polluting companies while simultaneously cleaning up coastal and inland communities around the world. The plastic waste brand audit is the first of its kind and intends to underline responsibility and accountability at the very source of our world’s growing trash crisis.

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“Every year, thousands of people get together to clean up the waste that washes onto beaches around the world — but more plastic always reappears,” said Stiv Wilson, campaigns director for The Story Stuff Project. “To break the cycle of plastic pollution, we need to do things differently.”

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Members and volunteers all over the world will join forces for a week-long series of events that will help clean our cities, towns, beaches, riverfronts and parks of invasive pollution. Wilson said, “This year, we’re not just cleaning up trash — we’re collecting data that will illuminate the most problematic brands in the environment and help us bring accountability to the companies that bear ultimate responsibility for the plastic pollution crisis.”

The data collected from the 75 global locations where the clean-up audits are taking place will be compiled at local and global levels in order to identify which companies are polluting the most overall. The data will also show what areas face more challenges in reducing plastic consumption, information that will help with efficient disposal and recycling initiatives.

“Corporations cannot greenwash their role out of the plastic pollution crisis and put the blame on people all the time,” said Von Hernandez, global coordinator of the environmental movement. “Our brand audits make it clear which companies are primarily responsible for the proliferation of throwaway plastic waste that’s defiling nature and killing our oceans. These events provide undeniable evidence of this truth.”

Those who wish to lend a helping hand can learn more and join here. The global results are set to be released in early October.

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Image via Vaidehi Shah