If you were looking up at the NYC night sky on Tuesday, you might have seen a rainbow. Called Global Rainbow, After the Storm, the huge laser light show stretched over the city skyline as a shining symbol of hope and a call to support to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. The installation was designed by American artist Yvette Mattern, and was achieved by projecting seven beams of low-energy laser light over communities hit hard by the storm, from Manhattan’s lower west side across Brooklyn and toward the Rockaways.

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The lasers used for the installation were created by Lightwave International and use a minimal amount of electricity. The low-energy lasers have the equivalent electricity consumption of two hair dryers but are enough to project the beams 35 miles.

The project was a joint initiative between the Art Production Fund and The Standard, executed in close collaboration with the fundraising drive for Waves for Water and the New York Foundation for the Arts’ Emergency Relief Fund. “Bring a smile and, hopefully, a feeling of hope that they’ll get through it,” said Mattern whose Global Rainbow project has previously been showcased in cities around the world. The NY Rainbow will be visible again Wednesday and Thursday night from 8 p.m. until 2 a.m.

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