The latest green energy numbers are in from the Bloomberg New Energy Finance report and solar capacity has over taken wind power for the first time ever. This year solar power provided the world with 36.7 gigawatts of clean energy, while wind ran just short of the lead with 35.5 gigawatts.

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Wind farm photo from Shutterstock

According to the research company, wind energy ran into a slowdown in the United States and China this year, allowing photovoltaics to take the lead. Wind energy usage saw a reduction of about 25 percent from its previous year record of 46.6 gigawatts. Meanwhile, thanks to cheaper PV technology and new incentives to go solar in Japan and China, solar power created a nice increase in electricity generation.

The Bloomberg green report also forecasts some ambitious projections for the future of sustainable energy use. Currently wind sits at five percent while solar hovers around a measly two percent of the world’s total installed power generation capacity according to figures from 2012. By 2030, Bloomberg posits that these figures will jump to 17 percent for wind and 16 percent for solar.

If new, gigantic solar plants like the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System keep popping up, we can expect a very green future indeed.

Via Treehugger and Bloomberg New Energy Finance