Green design is good design – or so we like to say here at Inhabitat – and it is always great to see a beautifully executed example that encompasses this philosophy. The Perma Karpo Library, designed by Arup for a small village in Ladahk (in the Indian Himalayas), is the perfect example of how good design, science and local knowledge have worked together to create a building that is as sustainable as it is beautiful.

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The Perma Karpo Library is part of the Druk White Lotus School, which is located in the Indian Himalayas. This project was initiated by Arup as part of their pro bono work. Arup became interested in the project when they saw the potential to influence the development of remote regions in the Himalaya. At Arup, every year an associate is given leave of absence to go and supervise the project on the site. At the same time, a team is in charge of delivering solutions that can be applied on site.

Amongst the technologies and design solutions used on site: ventilated Trombe Walls, wool insulation, a mud roof, timber paneling and even solar panels on the roof. The materials are locally sourced, and the experience and design solutions are worked out with the people on site to ensure that the knowledge remains in place. The library is part of a larger development which will be finished at around 2010.

“Design needs to celebrate a unique society, not be a consequence of a default, predetermined signature style,” said Arup Associate Declan O’Carrol.

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