Tech giant Google will be able to build its massive canopied greenhouse headquarters designed by BIG and Heatherwick Studio after all. When the Mountain View City Council gave most of the land Google needed for the new HQ design to LinkedIn last year, most people thought Google wouldn’t get to build the ambitious project after all. Heatherwick and BIG even a revealed scaled-down design in the hopes of making things work. But after cutting a three million square feet land deal with LinkedIn, Google can now have the original design it always wanted.

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The land deal includes 2.4 million square feet of real estate that’s not yet developed, and 1 million square feet of developed land, which includes LinkedIn’s present HQ. The swap will allow Google to pursue their original designs, and LinkedIn will be able to construct a new cohesive HQ.

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It seems like the city of Mountain View is pleased with the deal as well. Mountain View Director of Community Development Randy Tsuda told the Silicon Valley Business Journal, “This actually works out well for both parties, and the city of Mountain View.” Mountain View Mayor Pat Showalter said the city “look[s] forward to continuing our relationships with these active corporate citizens.”

Google, Google headquarters, Google HQ, BIG, Heatherwick Studios, architecture, design, Googleplex, glass canopy

Some of Google’s plans will still have to go through the Mountain View City Council, such as the tech giant’s dream of constructing housing on one of the sites where LinkedIn had once planned to put their new HQ, Shoreline Commons. LinkedIn’s plans had included retail stores and restaurants, and Mountain View officials have expressed a desire to see some of those plans go through. Syufy owns around 15 acres of Shoreline Commons and planned to build a health club and movie theater there, and Google VP of Real Estate and Workplace Services, Northern California Mark Golan said Google is “generally supportive” of some of those ideas.

Golan said, “It’s almost serendipity in terms of the holdings both parties had. It’s a very creative solution we think led to a win for everyone.”

Via ArchDaily and the Silicon Valley Business Journal

Images © Google/BIG/Heatherwick Studio