It’s a known fact that Google employees are some of the happiest around. Google’s campus is a known work-wonderland and it’s about to get a little cooler. Google Inc. is building a roller coaster — in the shape of their logo — to run on excess solar power from the company’s 9,212 photovoltaic solar panels. Apparently they’ve got so much energy to spare they’ll be able to run the Google shaped coaster 5 times a day without pulling from the grid.

Sources say that Google plans to make the coaster’s rails from stainless steel — one of the greenest metals around. The cars will be made from recycled plastic from water bottles and recycled airplane exteriors. The coaster was planned by AECOM who recently won a competition to remake Seol, Korea’s Grand Park.

Apparently AECOM has coupled with the engineer Kent Seko — the designer of Magnum XL-200 at Cedar Point — to create a coaster that uses only moderate amounts of energy. They employed a sophisticated magnetic force called magnetic coupling to create forces strong enough to whip the cars around the tracks without using much electricity like most roller coasters do. of Needless to say we’re super jealous of the Googleplex employees. Taking a solar powered coaster ride at work will be a fantastic way to spend your lunch break. Google is planning to run the coaster only when excess energy is available and employees will have to sign up in advance for rides.

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