Google has been going strong, investing in a number of cutting edge green initiatives. With their team growing as quickly as their insatiable taste for innovation, the search engine powerhouse has outgrown the Googleplex and are ready to move on up to a brand new 10-acre campus in Mountain View, California. So who is the lucky architecture firm that gets to take home this amazing commission? It appears to be a meeting of the minds, or at least size, as Google has hired Ingenhoven, one of Germany’s biggest architectural firms.

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While it’s too early to know what the campus will look like, the San Jose Mercury News reposts that renderings and plans of the new design plans could be submitted as early as this month, with construction commencing in 2012. Gizmodo has already started to make their own predictions, singling out five designs that well-embody Ingenhoven’s major design tenets of sustainability and modernism. What do you think?

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