Here at Inhabitat we love the work of contributor Jorge Diego Etienne — the designer behind this beautifully simple mug that harnesses natural heating and cooling properties. Working with Casa Bosques and Savvy Studio, Etienne produced the Second Object design by taking inspiration from Japanese lacquered cups. The cup is a two-part piece consisting of a minimal hassle-free ceramic container that can hold hot liquid, and an encasing wooden vessel that disperses the heat.

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The Second Objects are produced by local workshops in Monterrey, Mexico, keeping in line with Casa Bosques’ philosophy of sustainable and natural production in a local context. Just like the First Object planters that launched last year, the Second Objects are stylish and contemporary. Plus the combination of ceramic and wood will age beautifully and naturally together.

+ Jorge Diego Etienne

+ Casa Bosques

+ Savvy Studio

Images courtesy of Jorge Diego Etienne