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Concrete Cut House, Tel-Aviv, Israel, Pitsou Kedem Architects, concrete, daylit spaces, glass facade, chandelier, swimming pool, family home

From the front, the house looks mostly opaque. The monolithic volume is pierced with glass openings, with a translucent prism sitting atop the concrete form. The thickness of the material gives weight to the structure and provides an impression of extreme privacy, while the elevation facing the back counteracts this appearance and opens up towards the swimming poolarea and garden.

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The double-height living area is an amazing space surrounded by glass panels and provides partial views of the second story which accommodates the bedroom. The minimalistinterior design lets the space breathe and accentuates the greenery surrounding the building. Needless to say, natural light bathes the spaces during the day, but the tectonic qualities and detailing are most visible at night, when the ceiling lights and centrally positioned chandeliers create a dramatic interplay of light and shadow.

+ Pitsou Kedem Architects

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Photos byAmit Geron