This gorgeous “Green Energy Theme Park” was designed by H Associates for the Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO), which held a contest to design their new Naju, South Korea headquarters. H Associates went all out with sloping green roofs, integrated solar power, a wind field, geothermal power, water reclamation and a whole host of other green features. The 29-story tower that emerges from the center of the park is a beacon of green design.

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H Associates’ design for the headquarters came in third in the international competition — but first in sustainability in our eyes. They designed the KEPCO complex to create a deeper awareness of life’s energy cycle. The sprawling green roofs blend the complex into the surrounding landscape while creating beautiful vistas from the solar/geothermal/wind powered skyscraper — instead of views of concrete and brick as most skyscrapers have.

H Associates spared no green feature in the design of this building and we think it’s the perfect mixture of open space and high-tech technology. By creating a series of low lying surrounding buildings they allowed the skyscraper and it’s 120,000 square meters of office space to make the most use of natural light. The building’s façade is specially designed to control temperatures while using as much natural day lighting as possible. Even the inside of the building is full of nature — a high reaching atrium greets visitors when they enter. This building surely would have helped KEPCO reach their goal of becoming the Green Energy leader among the worlds many utility companies.

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