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McBride Charles Ryan is known for manipulating form and function in a way that is still harmonious with the natural landscape. Although abstract, this home’s spiral configuration was somewhat necessary to ensure the smallest amount of site disruption and is arranged to be comfortable inside. Designed to be a weekend home, it is modestly sized and centered around a lovely courtyard and an internal stairway connects the various levels.

Like origami, the home with its snazzy facade clad mostly in cement sheeting, appears to be folded in on itself even though it features a traditional stud frame foundation. With a foyer, courtyard, laundry, three bedrooms, and a whole pile of natural light, this gorgeous home is somewhat evocative of the ubiquitous fibro-shacks that Australians recall so fondly as an integral part of the country’s beach architecture. This award-winning project nestled into the dramatic Mornington Peninsula is a classic example of serious cool that is also bright green.

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