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The Robinson Crusoe Deep Patagonia Lodge is located in the Aysén Region of Southern Chile at the end of the Austral Way. This lodge is set at the departure point for the main access route to the “Southern Patagonia Field” plateau, and has helped the tiny district to grow through tourism. The mystical Crusoe-like design of the lodge is largely inspired by traditional Patagonian barns and ranches. The buildings are oriented on the site in order to provide protection from winds, rain and snow, an arrangement that once helped settlers protect themselves while staying respecting of the surrounding lands.

In an effort to keep the buildings energy efficientand sustainable, the design incorporated low electric heaters instead of dealing with burning firewood or importing costly fuel from over 200 kilometers away. These techniques even helped to minimize the effect that typical construction can have on local forests throughout the region. The prefabricated components of the lodge were pre-assembled using sustainable methods, and then shipped to the site during the short period of time that Mother Nature allowed for construction.

The detailed planning of construction was well worth it though. The beautiful wood-soakedinteriors of the lodge contrast the dark-colored exterior. Taking cues from local designs and incorporating local rugs, blankets and bedding, the simple elegance of the lodge is enough to bring any traveler this far south.

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