Solar cooking just got even better thanks to the new fuss-free GoSun stove. This uber awesome tube stove can cook delicious meals without using a lick of fuel – in just 20 minutes. Baking, boiling or frying is easy and fast and the stove costs less than $200!

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Its easy set up that doesn’t require hours of positioning differentiates the GoSun from other solar cookers. The design of the fold out anodized aluminum envelope attracts the sun at any angle, honing its power and transferring it to the evacuated glass tube, where sunlight is absorbed and amplified. The interior of the GoSun can heat up to 550°F in mere minutes.

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The quick heating means that cooking possibilities are endless. Baking bread, boiling pasta, sizzling meats, simmering stew and frying mozzarella sticks are all yummy variations that can be done off the grid in winter or summer. Because the glass tube heats to such a high temperature, food can be kept warm for hours, offering your family and friends a hot meal long after the sun has gone down.

The stove retains 80-90 percent of the sunlight it catches, amplifying its power with parabolic reflection that bounces the heat back and forth inside the tube without any thermal loss.

The GoSun is currently available through the group’s Kickstarter page, although they’ve already met their goal. For just $179, solar fans can get a regular sized solar cooker, with mini and deluxe sizes also available.

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