Sometimes it’s hard to tell if your plants have had enough (or too much) water until they’re either shrivelled and brown, or waterlogged and limp. Different plants have different watering needs as well, so unless you have a really detailed chart and watering calendar, you might be letting the heavy drinkers get parched, or drowning others. Fortunately, the geniuses at PlantLink have figured out a way to help you stop killing your little green friends.

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PlantLink is a new gadget designed to monitor your plants’ watering needs and notify you when it’s time to water. The system combines soil moisture sensors with an internet-connected infrastructure to create custom watering profiles for your plants, so you can make sure that you’re not over-watering those that love dry soil, or leaving moisture lovers high and dry. Simply place “links” in the soil near your plant, and you’ll receive an email or text message when it’s time to water!

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