Governor Cuomo recently announced a game-changing (and long overdue) Shared Renewables program for the state of New York. The community net metering system will finally allow New York residents to choose from a number of renewable energy options to meet their power needs. In addition to providing individual households with a choice of renewable energy sources, the initiative will also help the state as a whole move towards becoming more sustainable.

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As part of the new program, New Yorkers will be able to subscribe to local renewable energy projects of their choice and will be eligible to receive a utility bill credit for their portion of the energy produced.

“As the effects of climate change are more and more evident across the country and the world every day—from Hurricane Sandy to the record drought in California—the need to move to clean energy becomes more and more pressing,” said Heather Leibowitz, Director of Environment New York. “The Shared Renewables program will help to lower New York’s carbon emissions and speed our transition to a healthier, more resilient, and more equitable energy system.”

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Though subscription to solar and wind energy is already available to many homeowners in New York State, the Shared Renewables program will bring these options to renters, lower-income families, and millions of other New Yorkers.

“This program will provide customers direct savings on their energy bill and bolster New York’s clean energy economy, as well as allow individuals to realize significant social and environmental benefits from solar energy,” said Leibowitz

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