Grancrete, developed by Dr. Arun Wagh at Argonne National Laboratory, is a sprayable ceramic that is stronger than concrete, fire resistant and provides good insulation in both hot and cold climates. Dr.Wagh, the developer, is originally from India, and wants to see Grancrete used as a cheap and efficient building material for the poor. He believes that anyone will be able to erect an effecient house in a matter of hours, simply by creating a house frame out of styrofoam (or natural materials) and then coating the outside with Grancete. Dr. Wagh hopes the United Nations and other international organizations will subsidize mass-scale production around the world. Once this product goes to market, one can only imagine the other less socially responsible uses people will think up with for Grancrete.

Grancrete was listed in R&D Magazine?s top 100 innovations in 2004.

via Worldchanging

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