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Alex Chinneck dramatically upended the tomato-red Vauxhall Corsa car fifteen feet in the air by attaching it to a 50-foot-long strip of tarmac that peels off the ground into a wave-like asphalt arch. The gravity-defying car appears to hang on to the curved road without any visible physical support. Chinneck collaborated with a team of structural engineers, steel benders, scenic artists, metal workers, carpenters, tarmac-layers, and road-painters to make the sculpture possible; the theatrical artwork was installed overnight.

“I see sculpture as the physical reinterpretation of the material world around us and so by introducing fictional narratives into familiar scenarios, I try to make everyday situations as extraordinary as they can be,” says Chinneck about the artwork. “I choose to do this through illusions because I think there is something both optimistic and captivating about defying the realms of possibility. With an effortlessly curling road, I hoped to transcend the material nature of tarmac and stone, giving these typically inflexible materials an apparent fluidity.”

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The ‘Pick yourself up and pull yourself together’ installation can be found in South Bank Center’s car park, next to the London Eye, where it will stay until next Thursday, February 26, 2015.

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Images via Vauxhall Corsa