Valentine’s Day is a sweet time for couples, but is often associated with the more negative elements of luxury and consumerism. Between cut flowers and irresponsibly-mined diamonds, the excessive consumption of the holiday can lean towards damaging — rather than preserving the earth. We want you to enjoy Valentine’s Day in an eco-responsible manner this year, which is why we have put together a list of romantic green goodies that are sure to heat up your Valentine’s Day without compromising the environment.

night owl paper goods, valentine cards, recycled paper cards, recycled notepads


Tell that special someone just how much you care with these cute eco-friendly cards made of reclaimed and recycled materials. The company also produces notebooks and other recycled paper goods where you can perfect your prose to woo your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day.

$5 – $14 Cards from Night Owl Paper Goods

theo chocolates, organic chocolates, fair trade chocolates


Chocolate is a lot like love: bittersweet. And with a variety of different flavors, you’ll be able to find the perfect amount of cocoa that reflects how much bitter and how much sweet really defines your relationship. Or you can just enjoy the fair-trade, organic qualities of this ethically-made chocolate.

$13 – $40 from Theo Chocolates

valentine day roses, pink roses, pink rose bouquet


There’s something unmistakably sweet about a bouquet of pink roses. Call me a girly-girl, but the seductive beauty of red roses is somehow less appealing than these cheery pink roses that always seem to remind me of blissful days spent in happiness with someone special. And these sustainably-harvested, fair-trade flowers from are sure to stir the same memories in your special gal’s heart.

$49.95 from

egg plant, house plant


Bouquets are wonderful, but what about a gift that keeps on growing (just like your relationship)? These adorable egg planter comes with the seeds to grow a house plant perfect for any sunny windowsill. Charming in its simplicity, the pot is made of unglazed ceramic with a base made of terracotta. Plants available are basil, cactus, red pepper, mint, lavender, and strawberry.

$12 from Branch

scent of scandal candle, soy candle, eco friendly candle, soy wax candle


Dim the lights and enjoy the warm glow of these eco-friendly candles that are hand-poured and made with 100% soy wax. With fragrance names such as ‘Get lei’d’ (Hawaiian Plumeria), ‘Original Sin’ (Fig leaf), and ‘Me So Thorny’ (Rose) — these are sure to bring a little humor to a romantic evening.

$18 from the Inhabitat Shop

inhabitat sustainable skivvies, sexy underwear valentine’s day, eco underwear, eco bra, eco panties, organic underwear, organic camisole, perfectly imperfect


After you’ve cracked your sweetie up with a ‘Me So Thorny’ soy candle, spice things up with some sexy sustainable skivvies. Sexy and simple, these organic cotton camisoles and panties from Perfectly Imperfect are bordered with just a touch of lace. For more eco-friendly lingerie ideas, check out our post on Sustainable Skivvies >

$16 – $44 from Kaight

Eco friendly jewelry, green jewelry, green valentines, eco valentines


Jewelry is a traditional Valentines Day gift – and of course you can find beautiful and interesting eco-friendly jewelry made out of reclaimed materials if you know where to look. If you are considering a precious piece of bling (a la an engagement ring), your first stop should be If you are looking for something a little more lighthearted, the Inhabitat Shop has a bunch of fun, eco-chic pieces made with everything from recycled chains, to recycled glass, to recycled record vinyl. For more eco jewelry ideas, check out our post on sustainable bling >

Eco-chic jewelry at the Inhabitat Shop >

Fine eco-friendly jewelry @ GreenKarat >

plant a tree, re-forestation, urban forest

PLANT A TREE – Donation

For a tree hugger, planting a tree is a sure sign that you not only love her, but that you love the earth too. Valentine’s Day can be a great opportunity to put money towards re-foresting American land. So this year, hug your valentine, but also hug a tree by making sure our forests are kept healthy.

+ Donations can be made at

+ Donations can be made to MillionTreesNYC if you live in New York City

luma blankets, organic cotton blankets, merino wool blankets, organic cotton throw, merino wool throw


We admit, a blanket might not seem like the most romantic gift in the world, but then again, there’s nothing better than staying in with your sweetheart on a chilly winter night. LUMA offers a variety of warm and cuddly throws made with organic cotton, cashmere, and merino wool — all made with sustainable materials and practices. We advise a cozy blanket that is just large enough to cover the both you, but small enough so you’ll have to keep close!

$100 – $150 from LUMA online