Up-and-coming Swiss auto company GreenGT recently unveiled plans for a fully-electric vehicle that is heralded to be the most powerful and cutting-edge electric race car ever built. Designed with the famous Le Mans race in mind, their Twenty-4 vehicle is currently undergoing development and will boast two 100-kw electric engines that provide 350-400 horsepower and a top speed of 171 mph.

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The 24 hour Le Mans race may be one of the best known races in the world, although it’s definitely not one of the most environmentally friendly. We’re excited to see GreenGT upping the ante by developing a svelte green supercar to compete in the 2011 race.

The car was designed by five students from the CCi du Valenciennois school. It will feature a fiberglass body on a carbon-fiber monocoque chassis. The vehicle’s twin 100-kw electric motors will provide around 350 to 400hp of power that will push the vehicle from 0-60mph in around 4 seconds. GreenGT’s head engineer Christophe Schwartz has stated that “The GreenGT Twenty-4 design study could become our 2011 Le Mans Prototype electric racer or it could even become an electric road going supercar. There is a possibility to do both!”

Will it be enough to win the famous Le Mans race? It’s too early to tell, since it’s not just the vehicle that matters – it truly is about the drivers. Will it be one smoking-hot electric racer? Absolutely.

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