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Rooms at the Vivanta Hotel are located in the brightly colored tower with views overlooking the green roof promenade below. Each room is designed specifically with the modern-day nomad in mind – the live/work apartments make business travel much more comfortable. The naturally-lit rooms are conserve space and have zones designated for work and relaxation. Guests of the hotel also have many options for socializing around the hotel in the various open bars, restaurants and the green roof promenade.

The green roof tops the open-air bar, providing insulation and reducing heat gain to keep the space underneath cool. Rainwater is also harvested from this ground plane and used to irrigate the landscape. The beautiful and colorful facade of the building, which fades from green to blue to represent the shift from the ground to the sky, was specially designed to minimize heat gain in the hotel rooms. The facade is composed of highly-reflective glass with both dark and light tints in order to achieve the overall thermal transfer value (OTTV) desired for the building.

Since the hotel’s completion in January 2009, it has garnered five design awards, including Building of the Year for the 10th Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA) Architectural Design Awards 2010.

Images © WOW Architects + Warner Wong Design