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Beatrixpark is known as one of the nicest parks in Amsterdam and features circular wading pool surrounded by a dramatic arcade. Children like to come and splash around in the pool, so to encourage that activity while making it safer, the city of Amsterdam requested a service building alongside it. The low volume mirrors the arc of the pool and provides space for toilets, a gardener’s shed, a children monitoring station and space for Friends of the Beatrixpark, a nonprofit dedicated to the park.

The city requested that Marc Prosman make the building so it can’t be vandalized. As such, it is built out of brick and painted wood, both of which materials are easy to clean. A sliding shutter door protects the glass when the pool is closed and opens during operating hours. The roof is planted with grass and herbs that help soak up rainwater and help it blend in with the surrounding park. In addition, the building was constructed out of FSC certified wood and features energy efficient lighting with motion sensors to reduce energy use.

+ Marc Prosman

Images ©Christian Richters