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Ecohabit is split into two modules: a wet module and a dry one. This helps reduce the amount of plumbing needed to service the home. The wet side features a living green wall and roof, and a very smart plumbing system. Sensors allow users to only use the water they need and on-demand hot water means no more running the faucet to get the hot water going.

Over in the dry module, the roof is covered in integrated solar panels to power the home. The smart HVAC system reuses condensation to cool the AC unit and save energy. The entire home is net zero and, thanks to the Smart Detection System, can provide feedback to its inhabitants to help keep things running smoothly. The system monitors temperature, occupancy, power usage and other things to determine the needs and habits of the uses. Once it gathers enough data, it provides feedback via a tablet.

Having an outdoor living area was important to the students, so they designed a large roof overhang to shade the patio and provide a place to socialize in the outdoors. Inside the house, the living room and flex room can be adapted to the users needs utilizing modular furniture. The Ecohabit is the Stevens Insitute of Technology’s entry into the 2013 US Department of Energy Solar Decathlon. + Stevens Institute of Technology Solar Decathlon