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Tignespace was originally a gymnasium at the base of an apartment complex overlooking the lake. The gym was replaced with a new, high performance athletic center that will better meet the needs of the athletes and the community. Alain Palma of Atelier Plexus architects & Sylvain Gianchino of SG-Architecte designed the project, which was completed it in June of 2013. The site was a long, narrow plot with a few constraints – namely that the center could not interfere with the views of the apartments behind it. Therefore the building’s volume is long and low and built into the hillside.

Inside, Tignespace contains multiple sport courts, fitness rooms, weightlifting areas, restrooms, a cafe, multi-purpose rooms, an event hall and a concert hall. The center is topped with a vegetated roof that mimics the surrounding mountains when it sprouts with wildflowers in the summer. In the winter, the roof will be used for children’s ski lessons. The efficient envelope with high-performance insulation and double-skinned glazing ensures minimal energy losses, and the use of glass and stones mirrors the surrounding landscape. Daylighting strategies fill the interior spaces with sunlight to reduce the use of artificial light. Long-term planning, community involvement and flexibility are other hallmarks of the design that ensure the sports facility will serve the residents of Tignes for a long time to come.

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