Yuppie Ranch House, Elastico, farm house, green roof, reclaimed materials, reclaimed wood, italy

The site was originally just empty farmland with a fence built from railroad ties to mark the property boundary. The ties were resurrected and reused in the construction of the home. Seen buried into the ground, the ties are used to stabilize the earth to act as a permeable driveway. They were also cut down to create paneling used on the facade of the home. Mirroring the size of the railroad tie boards, modular Corteen steel panels are also used on the facade.

Completed in 2004, the 350 sq meter home is partially buried into the earth and then covered with even more earth on the roof. Reflecting the fluid forms of the surrounding hills, the Yuppy Ranch House also features a sloping hills. A living ramp on the side of the house accesses the green rooftop, from which views of the valley are accessed. Another ramp inside the house serves as the core circulation rout to access all the rooms. The materials and design all enable the home to merge and flow into the landscape and over time the materials will age and help it blend in.


Via ArchDaily

Images ©Betta Crovato