A 500 square meter “floating garden” was recently constructed in Beijing, China for the temporary Guanganmen Green Technology Exhibit. The gorgeous green-roofed structure was designed by Vector Architects and is situated in the central lawn of a residential project by CR Land. Vertical grass walls envelope its steel frame, maintaining heat efficiency and minimizing rainwater runoff. Blanketed in greenery, the showroom will float as an extension of the public lawn, allowing pedestrian traffic to flow freely through it.

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The installation also features an integrated irrigation system and, of course, a public exhibition on CR Land’s green building technology. The exhibit was designed to go up and down quickly and with minimal impact. Set for deconstruction in 2011, the steel frames will be salvaged for future projects and the grass panels will be moved to a permanent home on an adjacent fence at the residence compound.

+ Vector Architects

Via ArchDaily