HKS Inc has proposed a soaring LEED platinum tower for India that is designed to effortlessly blend the indoors and outdoors. Dubbed the ITC Corporate Tower, the breathing white building features a double façade system that integrates balconies and a green zone to help keep the intense Bangalore sun from overheating the inside. The form of the building is inspired by local Dravidian Temples from ages past, and its advanced set of green building strategies signal a bright future for sustainable design in the burgeoning nation.

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The sloped face and complex, gauzy appearance of the tower may be inspired by the local building vernacular, but these design elements also play a pivotal role in the project’s energy-efficient design. The screen that wraps around the south side lets air and light penetrate the interior but rejects direct solar gain. A series of double and triple-height terraces host vegetation, which further cools the space and provides a more natural environment for the interior offices.

The building also takes advantage of the stack effect to provide natural cooling to the interior. Office windows open to facilitate natural ventilation through cross breezes. The façade screen extends below the main 26 story structure to provide a shaded entrance surrounded by a large greenscape. The combined design elements work in sync to provide both a lowered energy profile and an enhanced work environment.

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Via World Architecture News