We stumbled across a gorgeous valentine gift idea over at the Mother of a Hubbard website: instead of candy, this heart-shaped box is full of seeds! Ideal for avid gardeners or foodies, this gift can be customized to suit anyone’s preferences. To make it, you just need to buy a standard heart-shaped chocolate assortment box, and replace the candies or truffles withorganic, heirloom seeds. In the picture above, the gift is filled with seeds ranging from peas and beans to corn, squash, and tomatoes, but you can just as easily fill yours with a variety of of organic culinary herb seeds, or flower seeds that are known to attract butterflies. Just add in a guide that identifies the different seeds, and you have a gift full of love that’ll just keep growing.

(Yes, you can eat the chocolates yourself. We won’t tell.)

+ Mother of a Hubbard

Lead image © Mother of a Hubbard

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