Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, Florida, is now home to the city’s first living wall: an 840 square foot vertical green masterpiece adorning the exterior wall of Saks Fifth Avenue. The wall has been designed and constructed by GSky, and is part of a greater beautification project being undertaken along Worth Avenue.

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The Worth Avenue project is an idea that initially sprouted from a local garden club brought to life by landscape architects Sanchez & Maddux, who chose the location, and GSky, who provided the green wall system. The wall is in fact the first of its kind in Palm Beach County and features 10,920 tropical plants, and 11 unique spicies – including Sawtooth Palmetto, Cashmere Zoysia Grass and Coontie Palm.

GSky was selected to design the curvilinear living wall, given their well-developed support system and competence. As Deborah Kotalic – GSky’s designer, consultant and resident of nearby Delray Beach – states, “As the plants grow, the wall will evolve and change. The wall is a living piece of art that fulfills the Garden Club’s vision and pays tribute to Palm Beach’s garden heritage.’’

Photo Credit: Palm Beach Daily News. Photographers: Meghan McCarthy and Jeffrey Langlois.