Our 2008 Greener Gadgets Conference featured speakers from a wide variety of backgrounds and disciplines. Not only did we invite inventors, engineers, and representatives from the world’s biggest consumer electronics manufacturers, but we also made a conscious decision to spice up the Greener Gadgets dialog with artists, educators and environmental advocates. Nowhere was this diversity better represented than in the Greener Gadgets opening keynote presentation from environmental artist Chris Jordan. Although our short video sadly doesn’t do justice to Jordan’s massive, mind-boggling photographs, (which take up entire walls in galleries), the video provides insight into the vision behind the art, and the innovative method Jordan uses to visualize statistics as fine art.

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We’ve highlighted Chris Jordan’s amazing work before on Inhabitat, including his Running the Numbers exhibition which illustrated the sheer volume of American consumption. You can see more of Jordan’s stunning work below, and also online at his site ChrisJordan.com.

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