Fans of electric aviation rejoice – GreenWing International’s eSpyder plane just hit the market, and it costs just under $40,000. The plane comes as a DIY kit that you have to build like a model airplane – except it’s one that you can sit and fly around in. The eSpyder is the first commercially available electric airplane to receive DULV certification in Germany.

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The eSpyder is a compact little flyer measuring 19.4 feet from nose to tail and 7.9 feet tall, with a wingspan of 33.1 feet. Without any passengers it only weighs 410 pounds, and the plane’s standard take-off weight—meaning its max limit before the aircraft is overweight—is 620 pounds. The on-board engine is a 32 horsepower, 24 kilowatt electric motor powered by a 13 kilowatt-hour lithium battery.

The eSpyder can reach speeds up to 68 mph, but the most economical way to fly cuts back the aviation thrills to about 38 mph. Just don’t go seven miles slower than that otherwise you’ll stall. GreenWing estimates that the flying time of the eSpyder is roughly an hour to 90 minutes, depending on how fast you are soaring, and the ride is a lot quieter than a conventional airplane.

For it’s initial orders, the company is selling 25 eSpyders in the United States for $39,990, and if you live in Europe you can nab one of 25 kits for €34,990 each.

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