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Grimshaw Architects has recently submitted its Development Application on behalf of Parramatta City Council for the landmark mixed-use tower. Aspire Tower will be located next to Parramatta Square on Church Street and is set to transform the area in conjunction with a re-development of Church Street. Reaching a height of 336 meters to the tip of its spire, the 90 story building will provide 700 residential apartments, 150 hotel rooms, along with bars, restaurants, retails space and an experience centre and viewing deck over the top two floors.

To maximize the potential of this skyscraper, Grimshaw has designed the tower to be energy efficient and sustainable. The sculptural form twists upwards from Church Street and is aligned in order to capture the sun, breezes and northern views for the residents. Composed of an east and west wing, the tower opens up towards the south to capture the prevailing winds and at the same time, twists inwards to disperse the winds on the north side. Natural daylighting is incorporated in every apartment. Inside, residences are organized into “vertical neighborhoods” centered around six story atriums that feature hard and soft landscaping.

Grimshaw Partner, Andrew Cortese, said about the tower, “The project has the ability to transform its place and set a new achievable standard in affordable and sustainable urban development. We hope that the tower will be recognised as a landmark through its balanced achievement of programmatic and environmental innovations, its rationality and buildability, and its uniquely sculptural form.”

Images ©Grimshaw Architects