Sometimes ‘it’s not easy being green’, and a little help is needed to make our living space or office cubicle greener and cleaner without much maintenance. Enter the ‘techno-organic’ Grobalplanter, a super-stylish self-watering planter that is a foolproof way to grow plants and flowers without day-to-day watering or green-thumb know-how. Invented by Treg Bradley and designed with the high-gloss biomorphism of superstar Karim Rashid, Grobal is ideal for cultivating house plants, flowers, herbs, orchids, and succulents. Let the internal ‘grow chamber’ do the work, and you can sit back and nurture yourself and your plants in self-sufficient, eco-style.

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Each Grobal egg-shaped vessel is made from a durable high-gloss plastic, available in a range of pop-art colors (see the line-up below). The easily accessible “grow chamber” draws water and nutrients from the reservoir below into the soil in the top chamber. Each Grobal kit comes with a DIY greening system: the Grobal self-watering planter, Grobal soil, 3 – Grobal ‘plant food hydropaks’ and simple, illustrated, full-color instructions. You can easily transplant your favorite house plant, carnivorous plant, succulent or just about any other plant you like into the Grobal planter. Maintenance simply entails adding water through the ‘Nutriport’ into the reservoir when the water level indicator reaches the lower line as well as feeding your plant with the contents of one Grobal plant food hydropak. The groovy Grobal watering system does the rest.

“The Grobal originated from an ambition to create a techno-organic base for nurturing life and cultivating growth. The digital age we live in no longer accepts the semantics of ancient craft and demands multi-sensorial experiences – any object we bring in our house should be an expression of our modern being and development. The iconic egg-like object functions as the foundation for new life – it is a material visualization of digital and sensual technology and nature synthesizing.” – Karim Rashid

We think that Grobal is a great alternative to the breakable Easter egg or the tackier Chia pet. It is not every day that you get to collect a Karim Rashid design object and green with it, too!

The 7″ Grobal sells for $19.95 and the Baby Grobal at 4.5″ sells for $13.95.

+ Grobal self-watering planter kit