A new water-testing chip allows users to check for lead, pesticides, heavy metals, and alkalinity in drinking water wherever they may roam. As an accessory to the MyDx system, AquaDx is one of four chips in development to help consumers test the safety of everyday elements by sending results straight to their smartphones in six minutes.

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The handheld MyDx chemical analyzer was successfully funded through Indiegogo two years ago and they are fulfilling their promise of releasing four different disposable sensors for consumers to use. By connecting via Bluetooth to a smartphone, the AquaDx sensor detects a water profile, which is then downloaded for users to scrutinize while at home, visiting a friend’s home, or traveling abroad. Pesticides and heavy metals are analyzed according to U.S. military standards, lead according to EPA standards, and additional analysis is provided for alkalinity, pH balance, chlorine, and total hardness.

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The first chip released, CannaDx, tests samples of cannabis for potency and a detailed breakdown of its compounds. The company plans on developing an OrganaDx chip for testing organic materials, such as dirty dozen fruits and vegetables, and an AeroDx sensor for air quality. The AquaDx can be pre-ordered as a set with the MyDx system for $600 or as an add-on for $70; additional sensor packs can be purchased for $20.

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