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A kangaroo in Australia has turned out to be one child’s guardian angel. Seven-year-old Simon Kruger wandered away from his family and into the bush of Deep Creek Conservation Park outside of Adelaide, and became lost overnight.  The boy told his dad that a kangaroo fell asleep next to him, keeping him warm throughout the cold wintry night.

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Kruger was separated from his family around 1:15 pm last Saturday, and spent the entire day and night lost in the park’s forested grounds, picking flowers along his way. Wearing only a fleece shirt and sweatpants, he wasn’t dressed to weather the elements of the cold Australian night. But the boy said warmth was not an issue, as a kangaroo approached him and ate some of the flowers Kruger was carrying.

After his meal of Kruger’s flowers, the boy said the friendly kangaroo then fell asleep next to him under a tree. The kangaroo’s body heat kept the boy warm throughout the night, despite the chill of the bush.

Kruger’s parents and a 40 person search team combed the bush for the boy, including two helicopters. He was found the next day just 1,600 feet from where the family had initially picnicked, completely calm and happy. Both parents said his jacket smelled of the kangaroo, proving that the guardian angel animal did in fact ensure that the boy made it through the night.


Image ©Flying Cloud and ©Ryan Wick