A group of concerned San Franciscans is erecting sections of protected bike lanes all across the city. Doing what they believe the city is not, SF Transformation (SFMTrA) has been leaving orange traffic cones along bicycle and pedestrian lanes in an effort to bring attention to recent traffic fatalities and the lackluster reaction of public transportation officials.

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The organization, whose name is a play on the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA), has set up traffic cones and signs in the city’s Mission District that direct bicycle and Uber traffic in the name of public safety. This action follows the deaths of two cyclists, struck down in different locations, earlier this year on June 22. Residents say more must be done to protect car-less commuters.

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“Even with some improvements from the SFMTA and other advocacy groups lobbying the city for safe streets, we felt there was more that could be done to increase street safety and attention to these issues by taking direct action on our public streets,” the group told CityLab. They predict no decline in the interest of cycling, especially as the globe starts to turn its back on fossil fuels and embrace greener modes of transportation.

So far, SF Transformation has engaged in seven demonstrations, with several more planned. “With a growing group of members we expect to increase the amount of safety improvements we can make and this will encourage the city to do more as well,” they explain. “We are just getting started.”

Via CityLab

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