A new global study by Cisco found that half of the world’s consumers would trust a car that that can operate without a human driver. Cisco’s Customer Experience Report surveyed more than 1,500 consumers across 10 countries and focused on the automobile buying and driving experience. The global report examined consumer preferences of technology in the course of these experiences and overall levels of trust in future automotive innovation.

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While we are still years away from the arrival of fully automated vehicles, companies like Google, Audi and Lexus are working hard on the technology that will make it happen. Even without first-hand experience in a driverless car, the Cisco report shows growing support for the autonomous vehicles. More than half of global consumers (57%) stated they would be likely to ride in a car controlled entirely by technology that does not require a human driver. The most trusting consumers were in Brazil with 95 percent of those surveyed supporting driverless cars and even 92 percent of those surveyed would also let their children ride in the cars as well. India came in second at 86 percent of those surveyed supporting the technology and China came in third at 70 percent.

Where does the United States fall in the study? Only 60 percent of US consumers support driverless cars and that number drops even lower to 48 percent when children are included. The country with the least amount of support for driverless cars is Japan with only 28 percent of those surveyed showing support for the technology.

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