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First off, the team proposes to move car traffic from Avenue Foch to the existing side streets, potentially making the avenue into the largest pedestrian avenue in France. With cars out of the way, the team proposes to add a woodland park on half of the avenue covering 67,000 square meters.

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Another important focus of this scheme is the new Place de l’étoile, which would act as a future meeting point for Parisians. It would house elements that link to activities taking place on the Champs-Élysées, thus making Avenue Foch a natural extension of that already bustling boulevard. And a third major component involves adding mixed-use buildings along Avenue Foch with offices and housing overlooking the woodland park. There would be a library, restaurants, conference rooms and co-working spaces as well.

This plan isn’t necessarily intended to be implemented, but rather to spark important conversations in Paris about the currently underutilized Avenue Foch. The scheme has received enough attention to become part of the political debate of Paris’s upcoming mayoral elections. It has been endorsed by Anne Hidalgo as part of her campaign to become Paris’s new mayor.

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