To achieve the perfect egg, chefs and amateur cooks often labor with spatulas, forks, whisks and a host of other utensils. So inventor Geraint Krumpe of Y Line Product Design envisioned a much simpler, faster way to create a stress-free scramble with the Golden Goose. The hand-powered gadget uses centrifugal force to mix the contents of the egg inside the shell without introducing outside air. Once suitably jostled, the egg is ready to be boiled, or dropped into a pan.

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Krumpe found the inspiration for the Golden Egg last Easter after watching a scientist on an internet video demonstrate how to scramble an egg inside a shirtsleeve. Remembering the design of a Victorian-era toy, Krumpe used a pair of shoelaces and a plastic jar to create his first rough prototype.

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The final incarnation is much more refined, and is composed of lightweight and recyclable materials. The main compartment consists of a hinged polypropylene shell, and a ring turns a full 12 degrees with an an audible locking click to ensure a safe scramble. The cords are abrasion resistant, and the adjustable egg-cradle designed to fit a variety of shapes and sizes is dishwasher safe. It takes only 15 seconds to scramble the egg, and best of all, the entire device is fully recyclable.

Krumpe hopes that the Golden Goose will encourage more creativity in the kitchen and empower a new generation of chefs. Both kids and adults can enjoy playing with their food and the lack of dishes to wash. The taste and texture of perfectly scrambled eggswill be a treat at home, potlucks, and parties, and might even convince hesitant cooks to try their hand at pitching in with a meal.

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The Golden Goose is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, and has already far surpassed its financial goal. The gadget will retail for $24 and be shipped around October. Until then, anxious egg-lovers can take a journey up the nearest beanstalk to find their own Golden Goose.