If you’re looking for a gift that will make the nature-lover in your life really really happy, look no further than Barefoot Dynasty’s amazing cloud coasters made out of Portuguese cork. First of all, they literally do give off a happy-go-lucky-puffy-white-clouds-in-a-blue-sky vibe, and secondly, they are made of one of the world’s most sustainable materials. Cork oak trees have an exceptionally long lifespan and their bark can be harvested over and over again without doing any damage to the tree. Die cut into six cute cloud shapes and packaged in the tiniest amount of uncoated paper, these adorable coasters say “be merry” without a shred of thoughtless consumerism.

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Nearly 50% of the world’s cork oak trees are in Portugal, where the Mediterranean environment is conducive to their growth. Remarkably, these amazing trees live up to 200 years, and their squishy bark is 100% biodegradable. New Zealand-based Barefoot Dynasty went to extraordinary lengths to make sure that their coasters are suitable for home use.

They are dirt and water resistant, easy to clean, and best of all, not one bit of plastic was used either in their production or packaging. The only downside to this product is that it will be shipped from New Zealand, so unless you’re nearby, the carbon footprint associated with their shipping could be a slight downer. Either way, major kudos to the designers for creating a product that ups the happiness quotient without hurting the earth.

+ Barefoot Dynasty

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