Harry Herbs is a new hydroponic system aimed at making urban gardening easy and fun. The company’s mission is to make gardening accessible to everyone in order to reduce transport emissions, product packaging and improve the availability of fresh foods.

Someone adding herbs to their toast

Recently wrapping up a successful launch on Kickstarter, Harry Herbs joins Gusta Garden’s prior urban garden solution products, which have all been designed in Austria over the five-year history of the company. As the most recent addition, Harry Herbs will begin delivery in January 2023, and all products are available on the Gusta Garden website.

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The planter sitting and growing herbs indoors

The system can be used in four different ways. It’s a propagator for new seeds. It’s a self-maintaining planter. It can also be used soilless as a hydroponic system. And it can support the growth of microgreens. One system, four functions.

Someone trimming the herbs in the Harry Herbs planter

However you use it, Harry Herbs allows you to grow your favorite organic foods with little effort. Basically, you just need to add water. The water then wicks up to each plant, providing the right amount of irrigation automatically. Additionally, a window on the side of the planter allows you to monitor the amount of water and more can easily be added through an opening in the top.

Versatility of the planter as an outside hanger

Moreover, you can grow plants indoors or outdoors in any location that works for you. Put the planter on a table, set it on a windowsill, mount it to a wall or attach it to the deck railing.

A display of the planter before herbs grow

It’s an easy solution for farm-to-table food so it will always be ready for the family’s frequently requested recipes. The kids can easily contribute to the garden by growing seeds, microgreens or plants as well.  After each growth cycle, the system can then be cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher.

The system is made from a food-safe, durable and 100% recyclable material. Other metal parts are recyclable too. However, the company admits it’s still on a journey to improve the sustainability of some parts.

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Images via Gusta Garden