While the interwebs were buzzing about Sharknado and Shark Week, an actual shark was spotted off the coast of Long Island’s South Shore. The Long Island Herald reports that local residents recently saw a 26-foot-long shark in the waters around Atlantic Beach and East Rockaway. Captain Kirby Kurkomelis, a master diver from Woodmere, named the shark “Harry”.

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This shark is smiling because you’re lunch!

While not much is actually known about Harry, some wannabe internet marine biologists are calling shenanigans on reports that he (or she) is a great white. A few commentators pointed out that the shark seems to be six feet longer than anything normally seen in nature and others noted that the fin shape could belong to a much less man-mauling basking shark, which eats only plankton.

via Long Island Herald

Images © Hermanus Backpackers and Kirby Kurkomelis