Each month Seattle-based Olson Kundig Architects’ studio gets a makeover and the latest installation to be unveiled is a tented experimental mushroom farm! Design team CityLab7 collaborated with the architects to create an educational and interactive space that displays 215 oyster mushroom growbags, giving an example of how small-scale urban farming really works. As an homage to a city renowned for its coffee culture, visitors to the space will also see how coffee grounds donated from local cafes can be recycled into compost,becoming an essential component of city agriculture.

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The dome-like tent farm resembles a boat hull or a paper lantern, and is built from repurposed plywood and plastic to make a sustainable growing site. Inviting visitors into the area, workshops and lectures will take place around a salvaged wooden table, with the aim of creating a welcoming communal space.

This brilliant community project will run through March 9th, during which the teams hope to produce an amazing 200 pounds of mushrooms. The crop will then be donated to food programs for local residents.

+ Olson Kundig Architects

+ CityLab7

Images © Kevin Scott