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The eco-farm consists of four small-scale public buildings: a club house, a harvest pavilion, a botanical showroom, and an information center. Completed in 2012, the Harvest Pavilion is the first of the four structures and will be used to collect, process and store the harvest from the farm. As the farm is vast, flat, and wide open to sky, the pavilion is a reflection of that feeling of spaciousness and absorbs the landscape into its folds.

The pavilion was designed to be a simple, light, and translucent cuboid, with a horizontal thin plane hovering at the top, flying parallel with the horizon in the distance. It is built with pre-fabricated aluminum rods and a cantilevered roof that overhangs at four different depths. The shady space below becomes a transition zone from the farm to the interior. Clad in floor-to-ceiling frameless glass panels, and then covered with vertical laminated bamboo louvers, the pavilion is open and transparent. Pivoting glass doors open the interior up to the exterior, and cross breezes create a pleasant atmosphere with an immediate connection to the farmland.

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Images ©Shu He Photo