We’ve often found that the one thing stopping many of us from buying a tricycle is that it doesn’t have an all-weather cover. To cater to this hole in the market, Hase Bikes have developed the KLIMAX 2K – a recumbent tricycle that comes with a weatherproof fabric covering that can be removed at the will of the rider.

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Usually velomobiles have hard shells covering their riders. While effective, they also add weight, trap heat and generally create a constraining environment. They are also expensive, and in some cases can cost up to US$15,000. That is why Hase Bikes have developed a foldable fabric cover.

The bike itself is made from an aluminum frame and has Shimano Tiagra gearing with SRAM Centera shifters, Avid Elixir 3 hydraulic brakes, a Cyo headlight, and 20-inch wheels.  It’s still quite heavy at 29.5 kg (65 lbs), but the driver is assisted with a front hub Protanium 180-watt electric motor. It allows the rider’s pedaling power to be maintained, allowing them to reach speeds of 24 km/h (15 mph) as well as making up-hill climbing much easier.

So imagine you are riding your tricycle when the heavens open – what do you do? The rider simply takes the covering out of its stow bag and attaches it to a mounting point at the front. It then opens like an umbrella, covering the rider and allowing them to attach it to the side of the frame. Likewise, it can be easily unfastened and folded away.

If the KLIMAX 2K wasn’t cool enough, Hase Bikes are also working the KLIMAX 5K. This baby will feature a 500-watt motor  that could allow riders to reach speeds of45 km/h (28 mph). Prototypes of the KLIMAX 5k are currently being tested, but the 2K is available for US$7,862 from multiple dealers around the world, as well as the company’s website.

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